Finally! Graph Day comes to San Francisco

There has never been an event like Graph Day SF

Leaders from practically every major graph company and project are coming from around the world to meet and present at this vendor-agnostic global graph conference.

Two previous iterations of Graph Day were held in Austin Texas as part of the annual Data Day Texas conference. Among the speakers in attendence were Matthias Broecheler (SF Bay), Arnaud De Moissac (Paris), Luca Garulli (London), Dr. Denise Gosnell (Charleston), Russell Jurney (San Francisco), Corey Lanum (Boston), Marko Rodriguez (Santa Fe), Nicole White (SF Bay), Greg Jordan (Memphis), Juan Sequeda (Austin), William Lyon (SF Bay), and a few dozen others.


Professor Alex Dimakis, of the University at Texas, at Graph Day TX 2017

Emil Eifrem giving the keynote at Graph Day TX 2017

And now Graph Day has come to San Francisco

For the last two years we've received countless emails asking why we don't host Graph Day in San Francisco. We heard you. We've sent out invitations to speakers requested by past Graph Day Attendees, but we're also seeking fresh proposals. For details, check out our proposals page. If your company is seeking to hire graph talent in the Bay Area, you wont find a better opportunity to engage than Graph Day SF. Send a note to for details.

Take advantage of the early bird ticket prices. If you want to bring your whole team, contact us for a quantity discount.