The Graph Day SF Schedule

8:00am Registration and morning coffee (1st floor foyer)
9:00am Keynote: Open Problems in the Universal Graph Theory (Marko Rodriguez)
Robertson 1 (2nd floor)
Fisher West (1st floor) Fisher East (1st floor) Robertson 1 (2nd floor) Robertson 2 (2nd floor)
10:10am JanusGraph: Today and Looking to the Future (Ted Wilmes) Cross-Device Pairing with Apache Giraph (Gargi Adhav / Obuli Krishnaraj Venkatesan) Time for a new relation: Going from RDBMS to Graph (Patrick McFadin) Propel your performance: AgensGraph, the multi-model database (Junseok Yang)
11:00am On-boarding with JanusGraph Performance (Yi-Hong Wang / Chin Huang) Comparing Giraph and GraphX (Yu Gan / Jenny Zhao) Do I need a Graph Database? If so, what kind? (Juan Sequeda) The graph capabilities of a native multi-model database (Claudius Weinberger)
11:50am Buffet Deli Lunch (1st floor foyer)
12:50pm Globally distributed, horizontally scalable graphs with Azure Cosmos DB (Aravind Krishna R) Graphs All The Way Down: Building A Full Stack Graph Application With GraphQL and Neo4j (William Lyon) Graphs in Genomics (Jason Chin)
Scale Out Your Graph Across Servers and Clouds with OrientDB
(Luca Garulli)
1:40pm Knowledge Graph in Watson Discovery (Anshu Jain/ Nidhi Rajshree ) Investigating patterns of human trafficking through graph visualization (Christian Miles) SPARQL querying of Graph Databases using Gremlin (Harsh Thakkar) TBA
2:30pm A Cognitive Knowledge Base as an Enterprise Database (Haikal Pribadi) Making Old Data New Again in the Original Social Network: real-time navigation and insights in massive family trees (Josh Perryman - Expero / Jeremy Hanna - DataStax) Graph Query Language Task Force Update from LDBC (Juan Sequeda) Mimblewimble Transaction Graph Design (Dr. Denise Gosnell )
3:10pm Afternoon break - sponsored by Neo4j
3:40pm Start Flying with Python and Apache TinkerPop (Jason Plurad) Building a Graph Data Pipeline (Paul Sterk / George Tretyakov ) Graph-based Taxonomy Generation (Rob McDaniel) Dgraph: A native, distributed graph database (Manish Jain)
4:30pm Tinkering the Graph (Karthik Karuppaiya / Chris Pounds) Project Konigsburg - A Graph AI (Denis Vrdoljak / Gunnar Kleeman) openCypher on the march: Composing graph queries, powerful path patterns and SQL integration (Ryan Boyd) GraphSQL - A Game Changer: A Complete High Performance Graph Data & Analytics Platform (Dr. Yu Xu)
5:20pm Knowledge Graph Platform: Going Beyond the Database (Michael Grove) Successful Techniques for a Large Distributed Database: the Comcast XNET Platform (Jaya Krishna / Ravi Lingam) Graph navigation via pattern matching using the new OrientDB MATCH statement (Robert Schneider) Large scale graph analytics on distributed graph database and distributed graph computing in memory (Terry Yang)
6:00pm Happy Hour - sponsored by Neo4j