The Graph Day SF Schedule

This is the mostly complete schedule. We still have a few more presentations to add. The mobile version is coming soon

8:00am Registration and morning coffee (1st floor foyer)
9:00am Keynote: From Theory to Production
(Dr. Denise Gosnell - DataStax)
Robertson 1 (2nd floor)
Robertson 1
(2nd floor)
Robertson 2
(2nd floor)
Fisher West
(1st floor)
10:00am Building a Knowledge Graph
(Dan Bennett - Thomson Reuters)
TBA Graph Based Malware Analysis
(Florian Hockmann / Stefan Hausotte- G DATA Software)
11:00am Navigating Time and Probability in Knowledge Graphs
(Jans Aasman - Franz, Inc.)
TBA Extensible RESTful Applications with Apache Tinkerpop
(Varun Ganesh / Harshvardhan Joshi - Nugit)
12:00pm Buffet Deli Lunch (1st floor foyer)
1:00pm Case Study: Visualize and Analyze the GDELT Global Knowledge Graph
(Kevin Madden - Tom Sawyer Software)
Large scale graph analytics with RDF and LPG parallel processing
(Barry Zane - Cambridge Semantics)
Data Modeling with an FU to Super Nodes (Jonathan Lacefield - DataStax)
1:50pm How to Destroy Your Graph Project with Terrible Visualization
(Christian Miles - Cambridge Intelligence)
Knowledge Graphs for AI
(Mike Tung - Diffbot)
Comparing GraphFrames access methods in DSE Graph
(Jim Hatcher - DataStax)
2:40pm Visualizing Graph Data - Moving Beyond Node Views
(Lynn Pausic - Expero)
Building a Graphy Time Machine
(Max Neunhöffer - ArangoDB)
How Do *You* Graph? - Minimizing Developer Impedance (Ben Krug - DataStax)
3:30pm Afternoon break
4:20pm Using GPUs & Design to Scale Visual Analysis of Digital Crime
(Leo Meyerovich - Graphistry)
Eight Prerequisites of a Graph Query Language
Dr. Mingxi Wu - TigerGraph)
Vertex Programs or GraphFrames? Two approaches to Graph Analytics (Paras Mehra - DataStax)
5:10pm Graph Database + Legacy Application = Hard
(Dave Bechberger - GeneByGene)
Apache Atlas and JanusGraph - Graph-based Metadata Management
(Jing He - IBM)
Distributed ACID with JanusGraph on FoundationDB
(Ted Wilmes - Expero)
6:00pm Happy Hour