Who spoke at Graph Day?

Matthias Broecheler (SF Bay / Seattle) @MBroecheler

Dr. Matthias Broecheler (Linkedin) , best known as lead developer of the Titan distributed graph database, is Director of Engineering responsible for DSE graph at DataStax. Most recently, Matthias was managing partner of Aurelius. Matthias has researched large scale graph database systems for more than 5 years. His award-winning research includes high performance index structures and query answering algorithms for graph structured data. In addition, he developed the Probabilistic Similarity Logic (PSL) machine learning framework to analyze and reason about multi-relational data. Matthias holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland.

Matthias will be giving the Graph Day keynote: A Practical Guide to Graph Databases for Architects, Developers and Data Scientists

Arnaud De Moissac (SF Paris)

Arnaud De Moissac (Linkedin) is co-founder of DCbrain, an enterprise scale IoT startup, focused on delivering real time intelligence to multi physical network (energy, cooling, ...) by modeling flows. He has 10 years of experience in telco and IT networks, and hold several patents. He also worked during 5 years in the energy efficiency area. He hold two masters degree, in electrical engineering and IT architecture

Arnaud will be giving the following presentation: Operating physical networks using flow graph in Titan

Joshua Feingold (Norfolk)

Joshua Feingold joined the Tom Sawyer Software Products Group in 2008, and now leads the Company’s Solutions Engineering team. Joshua oversees pre-sales engineering and both prospect and customer technical support. He and his team work with the specialized product engineering staff in planning and delivery of professional services efforts.Joshua also regularly travels to visit prospects and customers, and attends trade shows, conferences, and industry events to speak and demonstrate the Company’s graph visualization and analysis products and solutions. He observes technical and market trends in various data-centric industries. He works with the Company's product management group to respond to these trends, acts as a customer advocate, and anticipate needs of customers and prospects to steer development of new features.Joshua graduated from the California Institute of Technology, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in History.

Luca Garulli (London, UK) @lgarulli

Luca Garulli is the CEO and Founder of Orient Technologies, and the original author of OrientDB (wikipedia). Luca started working with storage algorithms in 1998 and created the first production-ready version of OrientDB in early 2010 after 17 years of experience working with other DBMSs. Luca is a member of the Sun Microsystems JDO 1.0 and 2.0 Expert Groups that wrote the JDO standard. He has also published various tech articles in Technet, Computer Programming, IoProgrammer, and Week.it magazines.
Luca will be holding office hours at Graph Day. He will also be speaking at Data Day Texas

Dr. Denise Koessler Gosnell (Charleston) @DeniseKGosnell

Dr. Denise Gosnell a driving member of the PokitDok Data Science team since 2014, has brought her research in applied graph theory to help architect the graph database while also serving as an analytics thought leader. Her work with the Data Science team aims to extract insight from the trenches of hidden data in healthcare and build products to bring the industry into the 21st century. She has represented PokitDok's Data Science Team at numerous conferences including, PyData, KDD (Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining) and the inaugural GraphDay.
Prior to PokitDok, Dr. Gosnell earned her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Tennessee. Her research on how our online interactions leave behind unique identifiers that form a “social fingerprint” led to presentations at major conferences from San Diego to London and drew the interest of such tech industry giants as Microsoft Research and Apple. Additionally, she was a leader in addressing the underrepresentation of women in her field and founded a branch of Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In Circles.
Check out our interview with Denise Gosnell.

Nakul Jeirath (San Antonio)

Nakul Jeirath (Linkedin) is the Senior Security Engineer at WellAware, a startup in the Oil & Gas space focused on collecting real time data and delivering intelligence to the oilfield. For the past two years at WellAware, he has been focused on architecting and developing backend software with heavy involvement in the migration to, and continued operation of Titan to help deliver relevant information to customers. Previously, he was a cyber security researcher at Southwest Research Institute. Nakul has a BS in computer engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Texas A&M in San Antonio.

Nakul will be giving the following talk: Addressing Performance Issues in Titan and Cassandra

Greg Jordan (Memphis) @gmjordan

Greg Jordan is the Founder & CEO of Graph Story and author of Practical Neo4j from Apress. He has over 15 years of programming experience in various languages with a focus on native mobile development and graph application development. Greg is avid speaker and writer on the topic of graph databases and has been working with graph databases since 2011. Greg holds two Master's Degrees and is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Memphis.


Russell Jurney (SF Bay) @rjurney

Russell Jurney, of Relato, just wrote a brilliant paper entitled Graphs in the World: Modeling Systems as Networks. Knowing what a great speaker Russell is, and excited to see him move into the graph space, we invited him to speak at the first Graph Day.

Russell Jurney has over a decade of experience building analytic applications, from casino gaming to inbox analytics. Russell is passionate about graphs and sees networks in the world around him. Mapping markets to achieve a deeper understanding of how they work is exciting work.
Prior to Relato, Russell was a Data Scientist in Residence at The Hive, where he helped launch E8 Security as their first engineer. Before that he was Evangelist at Hortonworks, after being Senior Data Scientist in product analytics at LinkedIn. Russell is author the recently released O'Reilly book Agile Data Science as well co-author of the the soon to be released O'Reilly book: Big Data for Chimps. Russell is originally from Atlanta, GA. He lives in Pacifica, California with Bella the Data Dog.
Data Syndrome

While in Austin, Russell will also be speaking, holding office hours and signing copies of Big Data for Chimps at Data Day Texas on Saturday, January 16.


Corey Lanum (Boston) @corey_lanum

Corey Lanum, has a distinguished background in graph visualization. Over the last 15 years he has managed technical and business relationships with dozens of the largest defense and intelligence agencies in North America, in addition to working with many security and anti-fraud organizations in private industry. Prior to joining Cambridge Intelligence as their US Manager, Corey was helping the customers of i2 (now IBM) and SS8 to solve their most complex graph data challenges.
Corey is the author of the forthcoming Learning Graph Visualization from Manning Publications
Twitter: @ corey_lanum

William Lyon (SF Bay) @lyonwj

William Lyon (Linkedin) is a software engineer for Neo Technology, stewards of the Neo4j graph database where he works primarily on integrating Neo4j with other technologies. Prior to joining Neo, William worked as a software developer for several startups in the real estate, quantitative finance, and predictive API spaces. William holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Montana. You can find him online at http://lyonwj.com

William will be giving the following talk: Congressional PageRank - Analyzing US Congress With Neo4j And Apache Spark


Dr. Joe Parry (Cambridge, UK) @parry_joe

Dr Joe Parry, is the founder and CEO of Cambridge Intelligence. He has worked on data visualization for intelligence systems for more than fifteen years. Prior to founding Cambridge Intelligence in 2011, Joe was the Head of Research at i2, now part of IBM, responsible for the Analyst's Notebook line of products. Joe also holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, obtained whilst part of Stephen Hawking's research group at Cambridge University.
Twitter: @parry_joe


Josh Perryman (Bryan / College Station) @joshperryman

Josh Perryman likes to play with data. Oftentimes this is implementing proprietary algorithms closer to the data for performance or scale. Sometimes it is ad-hoc investigation and analysis, a sort of exploratory querying. A few times he’s been able to leverage his experience with data engines for dramatic performance improvements. But the real joy is designing a schema for both functionality and performance, one which increases the productivity of other developers and enables a technology to solve new problems or deliver new value to the business.
But technology isn't just data, and he does more than just play with data. He’s worked with high performance computing (HPC) environments, taking computations from hours to minutes or seconds. He has built visualizations which deliver new insights into complex data domains. He’s managed technology personnel, both directly and indirectly, to deliver technology solutions. He’s have put together more types of technology components, software and hardware, than can be counted, because one of his fortes is solving problems by building sustainable systems.

Dr. Andrew Ray (Bentonville, Arkansas) @collegeisfun

Dr. Andrew Ray is a Senior Data Engineer at Silicon Valley Data Science. He is passionate about data and has extensive experience working with Hadoop, Hive, MapReduce, and Spark. Andrew is an active contributor to the Apache Spark project and avid proponent of Spark GraphX. Prior to joining SVDS, Andrew was a Data Scientist at Walmart, where he built an analytics platform on Hadoop that integrated data from multiple retail channels using fuzzy matching and graph algorithms. Andrew also led the adoption of Spark at Walmart from proof-of-concept to production, and has led large training sessions. Andrew earned his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Nebraska, where he worked on extremal graph theory.

Marko Rodriguez (Santa Fe) @twarko

Dr. Marko A. Rodriguez serves as a Director of Engineering at DataStax as well as a member of the Project Management Committee at Apache TinkerPop. Prior to joining DataStax, Marko was co-founder of Aurelius, LLC, the company behind the Titan graph database. Marko has focused his academic and commercial career on graph theory, network science, and graph-system architecture and development. With Apache TinkerPop, he serves as the primary developer of the Gremlin graph traversal language. Marko received his Bachelors in Cognitive Science from UC San Diego, his Masters and Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Santa Cruz and was a Director’s Fellow at the Center for Nonlinear Studies of the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Juan Sequeda (Austin) @juansequeda

Dr. Juan Sequeda is the co-founder of Capsenta and the developer of Ultrawrap, a system that virtualizes relational databases as graph data sources. His research interests are on the intersection of Logic and Data and in particular between the Semantic Web and Relational Databases for data integration. Juan holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin. Capsenta is a spin-off from his PhD research. Juan is the recipient of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Best Student Paper at the 2014 International Semantic Web Conference, and 2nd Place in the 2013 Semantic Web Challenge for his work on ConstituteProject.org. Juan is on the editorial board of the Journal of Web Semantics and has been an invited expert member and standards editor for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Relational Database to RDF Graph working group.

Chris Tanner (Austin) @DoctorTanner

Chris Tanner joined the pre-sales engineering team at Tom Sawyer Software in 2012. He instructs product knowledge training classes, delivers professional services, and travels to visit customers. Chris also regularly attends trade shows, conferences, and industry events where he speaks about and demonstrates the Company’s graph visualization and analysis products and solutions. In addition, he works closely with the Products group to research and develop new product features and functionality. Chris graduated from the University of Texas, Dallas, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering.

Nicole White (SF Bay) @_nicolemargaret

Nicole White grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. She spent four years at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she earned a degree in economics with a minor in mathematics. She then went to the University of Texas at Austin, where she received her master’s degree in analytics. It was during this time that she found Neo4j and began exploring its capabilities. When she’s not graphing all the things, she spends her time playing card games and board games.